Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 97 Hong Kong

Today started out with a major disappointment….  We had to sail into Hong Kong in virtual darkness most of the way.  We were pretty close to our berth about 10 minutes after sunrise.  It is too bad it worked out that way because Hong Kong is a world class harbor for spectacular views.  Anyway, it wasn’t a total disaster, I did get some passable photos.  I headed out first thing with Allan & Sandra into the terminal to take advantage of the free WiFi.  I got all my computer updates done, way to expensive to do it on the ship.  After completing all my updates, we headed out to Armand Optical Company to see Thomas Cheung (pictured).  Sandra wanted some new glasses and I needed to have my sunglasses repaired.  Allan & Sandra and other ship passengers have been doing business with Thomas for over 20 years….  It pays to get glasses here, much better prices.  If you are in Hong Kong you can find them in the First Basement of the Holiday Inn on 50 Nathan Road, a short walk from the ship.  After getting out eyeglasses taken care of we went to Stanley Market via bus.  We shopped a bit and had lunch with Aart & Ton who we ran into at the markets.  After returning to the ship, I took some more photos from the top deck before heading to the Temple Street Night Market.  I went with the Captain, Karen, Gary, Linda, Jane, Lynn & Erica.  We shopped and ate street food.  I had my standard, chicken wings with garlic & chilies….yum yum.  I ran into Aart, Ton, Allan, Sandra, Brad, Gloria, Renee & the other Renee…  I saw friends right & left….  After a dismal start it turned out to be a pretty good day.






  1. Can you please comment on the hot air balloon? TY

  2. Looks like a gas balloon to me and it is at Ocean Park, tethered rides I suspect