Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 93 At Sea

Here I am again with four days at sea….  There certainly have been a lot of those so far on this voyage.  The last two days were wonderful being able to explore a couple of wonderful ports.  Next stop, one of my favorites, Hong Kong.  I am really looking forward to visiting Hong Kong.  I’m not sure what I’ll do but then, it really doesn’t matter.  Just being in Hong Kong, a vibrant, colorful city, is enough.  Today was just perfection…  it was hot and sunny with a pleasant breeze.  The sun is quite intense.  We will cross the Equator, once again, in the morning.  I will miss the southern hemisphere.  Great day!!!!



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  1. Jeff...thanks for all the pictures, especially the Komodo Dragons We'll be going there ourselves in about ten days Hope you enjoy Hong Kong. This will be our third visit there, having lived in Taiwan for over two years back in the early 70's. I'll bet we won't recognize the city. Thanks again for sharing!