Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 105 Chaing Mai, Hill Tribes Part 1

Today was the best day yet!!!!  We did three things, first we visited the Maesa Elephant Camp and then visited the hill tribes, including the Longneck Karen, Anka, Lahu Shi Balah, Hmong and the Mien with a big finale at Tiger Kingdom.  The Hill Tribes were simply amazing...  They were very warm and friendly and I just loved spending some time with them.  Their distinct costumes and :decorations were quite amazing.  I have a two part blog to show (way too many) photos from our visit.  I have a seperate blog for the visit to the Elephants and Tigers.... Enjoy the Hill Tirbes Part 1 here...

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  1. Thanks Jeff for including me in this amazing side trip, but today the best ever.