Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 100 Nha Trang, Vietnam (Part 1 of 2)

What a fabulous day!!!!  It was a beautiful sail into Nha Trang early this morning….  Ed, Becky, Mike, Janet & I headed out at 8:00 to explore the city.  We took the shuttle to the drop off point and then the long trek began.  First, we walked to the To Po Nagar Temple complex (Cham Towers).  On the way we got a great view of day to day life in Nha Trang.  We crossed the Ha Ra Bridge on the way to the complex which was very scenic. After Cham Towers, we hike to the Long Son Pagoda.  Here, in addition to the temple we saw the amazing reclining Buddha and big Buddha at the top of the hill…. Fantastic!  Then we walked back to the War Memorial along Nha Trang Beach.  Hiking through the city gave us fabulous opportunities for photos…  That could be why I have too many today.  At the beach we stopped and had drinks and enjoyed the nice breezes…  Wonderful day!!!






  1. Wonderful job capturing both the place and the joyous spirit of the people...

    Safe and happy travels on your side-trip adventure to Thailand


  2. Absolutely stunning pics and what a great experience! Thanks and glad you had a wonderful day.


  3. Very nice photo ops for sure! Big thumbs up.

  4. never too many photos from you jeff. just the best. you rival national geographic. keep them coming. i can't wait to go on line every day and cruise with you. beachlady