Sunday, April 1, 2018

2018 Grand World Voyage, Day 87, Amakhala, South Africa (Part 1 of 2)

We did a lot of driving on our late afternoon drive...the lions and the Cape Buffalo were at opposite ends of Amakhala Reserve. This afternoon we came upon a male and female lion mating...the male lion is known as the King of the Beasts, the top of the food chain and the most dominant force in the African bush....what majestic site. Just before dark we found the Cape Buffalo...As well, we encountered a number of other animals such as; the Eland, the largest Antelope, Gemsbok, wildebeest and a different type of Zebra known as the Mountain Zebra. A very successful drive! This morning our focus was on the herd of elephants with the 3 week old baby...after much tracking we found the herd and followed them for some time...The African Elephant is truly amazing to see, and just as amazing is how the adult elephants surround the baby to protect it from harm’s way. After many attempts, I was able to get a close picture of a Black Backed Jackal and the Secretary Birds. On our way back to the camp we stopped for a Easter Sunday surprise snack of hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and beverages. Another great drive. This morning, we said farewell to Hillsneck Lodge and moved to Hlsolsi Game Lodge for one night. For someone looking to do a safari, we would highly recommend Hillsneck Lodge at Amakhala Game Reserve. This Lodge is a first class operation from great accommodations with amazing staff to outstanding food...they could not do enough for excellent experience!  My hat’s off to Renzo, the manager for putting together such an excellent team!

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