Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 Grand World Voyage, Day 139, Osaka, Japan (Part 1 of 3)

After four rough days at sea it was good to put my feet on land in Japan.  On a crisp cool 32 degree morning Cathy, Ann, Ellie and I started our Japanese adventure.  We all dressed for the cold and made our way to Nara using the subway and train systems.  Our site seeing in Nara began at the Kofukuji Temple, Three and Five storied Pagodas and then we headed to the Nara Park where thousands of deer roam freely amongst the hundreds if not thousands of lanterns.  Throughout the park there are numerous sites to visit, we made a stop at Kasuga Takisha Shrine for some photos, the Nandaimon Gate, Tori Gate and as we wandered through the park the temperature dropped and snow fell.  We made a stop at the Todaiji Temple to see the Great Buddha and again the snow fell.  We walked to Isuien Japanese Garden for some photos and headed back to the subway to return to Osaka for a visit to the Osaka Castle.  The castle was beautiful and was a highlight of the day as my photos show.  Back to the ship for dinner then out again to take a ride on the Tempozan Ferris Wheel for some night shots of Osaka...It was a clear, cold night with a beautiful full moon.  It was a great day despite the cool weather.  Tomorrow, we are going to Kyoto...stay tuned.  This is a three part blog, this is part 1.



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