Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 53, At Sea

It’s pretty close to the time when we wrap up the 2016 Tales of the South Pacific….  We went out with a bit of a whimper, cold and windy was the conditions we faced on our last day.  That’s alright because we have been blessed with remarkable weather for pretty much the entire voyage.  To sum it up, I has a great time!  No complaints here, the staff and crew did an exceptional job.  For a voyage where I had done no planning, knew few people and had no schedule to deal with, it turned out just fabulous!!!!!  Loving my time on the ms Amsterdam.  Today, also marks the 25% complete mark for my voyage, my how time flies….  I’ll be waking up in San Diego, with cellular service…  yeah!!!!  Next post will be on a new voyage, the 17 Day Circle Hawaii Voyage, first of two such voyages….




  1. Hi, Jeff....
    Not sure if my last comment made it past "preview". Suspect your enjoyment of this cruise (so far) has been the fact that it seems you have been walking more in port. Walking, however tiring, makes one feel good in hindsight.
    Did you think about posting a cruise pictorial map of each segment so we can see what's upcoming?
    Have fun.

  2. That's is because it is already posted, click on my 7 month itinerary on the top right

  3. Jeff....
    Thanks for pointing out that web page link to your overall itinerary. Never knew it was handy there.
    On the sea days, do you walk the promanade some? Walking sure counters the enjoyable 'calories'; as does the gym.
    Enjoy. And, always thankful for your outstanding photography.