Monday, November 14, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 50, At Sea

I can’t believe 50 days are already gone on this voyage….  Time sure flies!  Spent a glorious day poolside, hope this weather can continue until San Diego.  Tonight was our last Gala Night so I wnet to the dining room and was hosted by the Spa Manager, Rene Felton.  We stopped by after dinner to say hello to Dolly Smith and her host Shiv Charan, the Executive Housekeeper.  It was a wonderful evening and the best lobster I’ve had in years….  So I ate two!  We have three more days at sea until we reach our final destination, San Diego where I begin the next adventure, The Circle Hawaii Voyage…..



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  1. Hi, Jeff.....
    For the benefit of your fans, can you post a map pictorial of the upcoming "Circle Hawaii Voyage". BTW, while on Oahu did you get a chance to visit the Doris Duke compound, and what you thought of the tour/Islamic art. If you haven't yet visited, coordinate your visit with the required reservation booked through the Honolulu Museum of Art (book ahead). You can easily walk from the pier port to the museum, and then they bus the small tour group to the compound located SE of Diamond Head.
    Have fun!!