Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 49, Mariner Appreciation Night

What a sizzling day!  It was a great deal hotter than yesterday and I did get a little more sun than I bargained for, but it was wonderful none-the-less….  After spending most of the day pool side, I went for a massage and a walk.  It was a pretty full day but wait, there’s more…..  It was Mariner Appreciation Night hosted by the Captain Fred Eversen, Hotel Director Henk Mensink and Cruise Director Gene Young.  This is the night where they recognize the Mariners for achieving various milestones in cruisning days….  I was called up first and recognized for being a member of the President’s Club and having over 2100 days at sea.  Not bad since I had 7 days with Holland America Line when I retired.  It certainly has become my home and the staff and crew members of my extended family.  After the event, it was off to dinner and enjoyed it immensely….  What a fabulous day!!!!



  1. Congrats, Mariner Jeff.....
    Really impressed with your long walks ashore. Maybe it's my eyes, or the upload mailing of pixels, but are your photos a little less sharp? Looking with a Mac desktop. Just got an iPhone 7-Plus, and wondering if I should solely use it for photos. What do you think? Are you still using the D7100 with the 18-300 mm from a couple years ago?

    1. First complaint I've had, the photos on this post were mainly taken with an iPhone 6+, I normally use a D7200. Photos are reduced in size from 14-15MB to 150K for blog posting