Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 48, At Sea

Another relaxing day at sea,….  It was also a day when we celebrated Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day & Armistice Day with a ceremony and two minutes of silence on the ship….   Very nice!  Spent the day on the aft deck with a gale force wind relaxing and reading while holding on for dear life.  It was a pretty good wind.  Also, due to some recent changes to the World Voyage itinerary, I started discussions with my friends about options for potential overland adventures.  We are trying to enhance our voyage experience which the changes failed to do……  A lot of variables to deal with at the moment and waiting to see what direction Holland America Line is likely to take.  If you are going to leave the ship for an adventure, you must know how to get back….  Rule number 1  Loving Life!

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