Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 35 At Sea

What a magnificent day!  It was very hot and sunny all day…..  I have awaited this day for quite a while.  I was pool side for most of the day.  Not only was the day fabulous, so was the evening.  Tonight, we had the President’s Club Inauguration Dinner, where two members, Bill & Ginger, were inducted into the President’s Club.  The dinner was just the best yet and enjoying it with such a wonderful group made for a nice evening.  Tomorrow it’s off to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam…..

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  1. Congratulaltions to Bill and Ginger on reaching the President's Club!
    Thank you, Jeff, for posting these wonderful photos. It is good to see Gerald Bernhoft, of the Mariner Society, present for this occasion.