Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 27 Shanghai, People's Republic of China Part 1

Today we got off the ship first thing in the morning for an amazing adventure…. First we headed to Suzhou to the Pan Gate, an ancient gate area for the city.  It was just magnificent….  Then we took a 40 minute boat ride through the canals of Suzhou.  Next up was the Lingering Garden where we spent a fair amount of time, beautiful place and some interesting people.  Then we did a quick tour of the West Garden Temple which was fabulous….  By then we had worked up quite an appetite so we went to lunch.  After lunch we went to a new area for me, the canals of Tongli….  Magnificent.  It was a very photographic day and a very long and busy one.  I am just posting the first part of this great day for now.  Tomorrow is another long and interesting day as we head out on the long journey to Hangzhou via bullet train.  I will complete and get my blogs up to date as soon as possible….  Great day!!!!


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  1. No hurt with the blogs, we will wait while you capture your wonderful trip in photos for us to enjoy.
    Make sure you take time for enjoyment yourself. Enjoy the rest of your cruise.