Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 16 Fukuoka, Japan (Part 1 of 3)

We had a lovely sail into the port of Fukuoka Japan this morning….  I was pretty excited since this was a first time visit.  Four of us headed out on the first shuttle this morning and our numbers grew to 9 before we left the terminal.  We had a fabulous day!  We walked over 10 miles, took a lot of subways and buses and covered Fukuoka pretty well.  We first headed to the Nishi Park area checking out the park, shrines and temples.  A couple of favorites were the Terumo Shrine and the Tachikaeri Tenmangu Shrine….  Next we went to the Fukuoka Tower for some magnificent views.  Then we headed to the Ohori Park for some real scenic beauty along with the Fukuoka Castle ruins and a major highlight the Gokoku Shrine.  Then it was off to the Gion area where we visted 3 places of worship which were highlighted by the Tochoji Temple and the Shofukuji Temple.  It was a wonderful day with great weather and wonderful friends……


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