Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 38 Sydney, Australia (Part 1 of 2)

It was a bit of a disappointing sail into Sydney harbor today….  Sydney is one of the best ports to sail into in the world, that is during daylight hours.  I was so disappointed that we came in during pretty poor conditions for photos.  To me, and many others, the sail in aspect of coming to Sydney is a huge part of the visit.  Hope we won’t do that again.  It’s bad enough that we are now docking in White Bay which is way out in the boonies.  Oh well…..  I went on a tour this morning with American Express Travel.  We went out to Featherdale Wildlife Park.  The visit, albeit short because of a late start, was fabulous.  I have been here before and have always enjoyed it.  After the Park, we went to Olympic Village and took a river cat to Darling Harbor for some scenic sailing.  The rest of the people took a bus from there back to the ship but I stayed on the ferry to Circular Quay.  From there I crossed over the Sydney Harbor Bridge for some photo ops.  Then I decided to take the long walk back to White Bay for exercise and photo ops.  I got to George Street and walked to Market, took a right into Darling Harbor.  I then wandered my way through darling Harbor, eventually getting to the ANZAC Bridge and made my way back to the ship.  The walk took me a couple of hours but…  great exercise.  This evening, saw some old World Voyage friends, Greg & Heo from Sydney and Martha from Boston.  Greg & Heo joined us for dinner and we had a wonderful visit.  This is the first part of my blog for today, the rest will come soon, maybe tomorrow…



  1. Love your photos.

    Delighted you found your way back to White City, via the beautiful ANZAC Bridge. Did you see the 2 ANZAC solder statues?

    An enjoyable walk from Circular Quay is under the Harbour Bridge, along the harbourfront, past the new development to Darling Harbour, then via Prymont to the Bridge.

    For your next visit, you might like to do a short climb up Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon (city end) to take panoramic photos from the four sides.

  2. Love the animal foto's, thanks and regards Hermann