Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 35 Ile des Pins, New Caledonia

It was a very great and threatening sky that greeted us this morning as we sailed into the port of Kuto on Ile des Pins….  My friend Ian was coming down with a cold so he decided to stay onboard so Carole & I headed out on the first tender.  First we headed to the Baie de Kanumera, a beautiful little bay that I really liked the last time I visited here.  It still was very overcast so we really couldn’t get the full effect of all the colors.  Then we headed over to the Baie de Kuto, a bigger and very lovely beach.  By now the skies were beginning to clear and the brilliant colors of the water were showing up much better.  We decided to walk down to the Chatreau d’eau Prison, Ile des Pins version of Devil’s Island.  The old prison was fabulous!  It certainly is in an advanced state of decay which makes for some interesting photos…  Then we walked back to the beaches, retracing our steps and touring the bays in a much sunnier state.  This island is so lovely….  What a fabuous day!

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  1. Jeff, you must have done your Sun Dance. So glad it came out. The pictures of the beaches are so colorful, and I knew somehow you would end up in that prison. As soon as I saw that enticing pathway.... It was beckoning .....the photos are so interesting Beachlady