Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 83 Sydney, Australia

I awoke early this morning so I could take in the sunrise from the ship….  The sky was on fire, just beautiful.  After breakfast, I headed out toward Circular Quay to do some touring and meet up with Barbara & Frank Davis who were on the Pacific Princess.  I headed out along the coast toward the Sydney Harbor Bridge and once there turned toward the Botanical Gardens.  I strolled through the gardens for a while before heading back to Circular Quay to meet Frank & Barbara.  I saw Brad & Gloria there and we sat with friends as we waited for them to arrive.  It was so great to Barbara & Frank, I haven’t seen them since I visited them in Nova Scotia almost 2 years ago.  We then headed out along the waterfront to the Botanical Gardens.  It was a wonderful visit… we saw many amazing birds and some very creepy bats.  When afternoon arrived we decided to start heading to Darling Harbor.  We took a ferry at 1:20 heading that way.  It was another nice photo op sailing under the bridge toward Darling.  Once we arrived we walked around there a bit before I headed to the ship.  Frank & Barbara left and went to the Pylon Overlook at the bridge where I saw them as we sailed out of Sydney Harbor.  Great visit with special friends and a wonderful day….




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  1. Looks like a truly wonderful day indeed! Loved the balloon pic too.