Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 79 At Sea

What a perfect day…..  It was just what we needed after the amazing party we had last night.  It was a very lazy day just sitting in the sun reading.  The only interruption came when we had to do a face to face passport inspection with the Australian officials onboard. From the Crow’s Nest tonight we saw another green flash as the sun set.  That is just amazing, the 4th so far this voyage.   Tonight we had a special dinner with Allan, Sandra, Aart, Ton, Benno and Hanna to celebrate our new friends Hanna & Benno before they depart in Sydney.  It was a lovely dinner…. 





  1. Stunning party and sunset pics.
    Thanks for great update.

  2. Jeff,

    I found your blog trying to track the current position of the ms Amsterdam. My parents are on board and I have some news for them. Could you please get a note to Mr.& Mrs Eli Swetland and tell him to check their email. Thanks!

  3. jeff, that first photo looks like a work of art. it is not easy to see a green flash, let alone 4 of them. you are a lucky man. great pics of the party. beachlady