Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 70 At Sea

Not much to  say about today….  It was a picture perfect day at sea.  We have 4 sea days before arriving in Tahiti.  I plan on going to Moorea on the ferry with Allan & Sandra to see our friend Ellie who is staying there for 2 months…  It should be fun.  In the meantime I am enjoying the sea days. I am still hoping that HAL will fix the internet problems on this ship.  I am currently scheduled to get back on this ship 24 August for 249 days.  It would be impossible with internet service this bad.



  1. I think HAL could do a much better job managing expectations. I wonder why HAL doesn't publish an Internet performance profile. They could do the engineering estimates to let folks know (Green/Yellow/Red) how the Internet should perform for planned regions. In line with Virginia's HOT Lanes, HAL could increase the price for access as the link deteriorates; thus push casual users off the net. So, if a passenger wants good performance all the time, they would pay a higher price.

  2. The problem with that approach is that they already charge a very high price for poor service. I can't imagine what they would want for "good" service.....

  3. 249 days ?? !!! Is that a record for you? Thanks you for being persistent and continuing to publish this blog. It is so beautiful and I look forward to it everyday.