Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 60 At Sea

Well we certainly left the Antarctic early yesterday to avoid a major storm. The Captain put the pedal to the metal as we tried to out race the storm.   We had 50-60 foot  waves and 110 kts of wind facing us.  It was an angry sea!!!!  The Captain stayed the course and got us safely through.  It was a monumental feat which will be written about for years.  Great job Captain!  OK, so maybe I exaggerated a bit (or a lot)  on the ferocity of the storm…  We did make it safely through thanks to the diligent effort of our Captain and crew…. That part  is true!  Anyway, the day for the most part was dreary and it gave me an opportunity to rest up after a couple of arduous days in the Antarctic.  This afternoon as we sailed toward the Beagle Channel it di clear up a bit.  Tomorrow we will be in Ushuaia, Argentina.



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