Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 Grand World Voyage, Day 105, Praia, Cape Verde (Part 1 of 2)

A beautiful sail-in...I had a fun time with Carol and Ian on my last visit to Cape Verde in 2014, Ann and Cathy and I decided with to hire a taxi for the day.  We engaged a guide named Carlos who had a van and we headed out.  First, we toured the Plateau area of Praia, starting at the Vegetable Market…The people there were quite friendly!  We then went to the Praca Alexandre Albuquerque, the town’s main square and gathering spot for locals.  We saw the Palace of the President and the statue of Diogo Gomes who discovered the Cape Verde Islands in 1460....a very nice scenic viewpoint…  Then we headed to the Sucupira Market which had just about everything...we did find some treasures! Our journey continued to Cidade Velhe, the old town (a UNESCO  Heritage Site) where we visited the Fortress de San Felipe, the Pelourinho (Pillory) and Rua Banana.  On the way back we stopped at Cruz de Papa (Popo John Paul II) Monument for some spectacular views. We had a really great day….Hard to believe 105 days has passed.  Tonight, we start our voyage across the Atlantic on our way to Fort Lauderdale with one stop left in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I will not be taking the 2019 World Cruise...other is however to my intention to return in 2020.  I will provide an update on my future travel plans later....


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  1. Jeff,

    This series covering 15 days was spectacular and educational at the same time. We remember visiting the the east coast of Africa and the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of Namibia. The upper west coast countries are all new for us. Very colorful in all ways. Your comment, " This is where the disparity between the “have and the have-nots” can be really be seen!" , spoke volumes...........

    Jeff, Thanks again for a wonderful tour.......

    A & M

    PS Happy "belated" Birthday......and where is the picture of the diet Coke shaped carrot cake? 😎