Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2018 Grand World Voyage, Day 6, Panama Canal Transit

Today was a beautiful day for our transit of the Panama Canal, taking us from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.  The morning overcast conditions kept the sun off everyone watching the transit.  It was, as usual, a captivating experience...  It is particularly interesting to see the new locks in operation.  Some of the ships we saw were a perfect example of why th new, much larger, locks were put into operation.  One ship in particular, the Houston Bridge, had over 11,000 containers onboard....  massive!  The transit was great and we were nestled into our anchorage in Fuerte Amador by early evening...  Tomorrow will be a blockbuster day....  An aerial tour of the canal, from coast to coast, is in our plans....  Great day!!!!!

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  1. Nice shots of the USS Omaha. Interesting looking ship.