Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 Grand World Voyage, Day 204, Funchal, Madeira

Well….  We are visiting our last port!  Where has the last 7 months gone/  It has truly been an amazing adventure…..  I went into Funchal by myself this morning without much of a plan, I have visited here numerous times. I still loved walking the cobble streets, admiring the gardens, traditional black & white mosaic sidewalks, the forts and everyday people going about their business…..  It was a lovely walk and a relaxing way to finish out this Grand World Voyage.  It has been great!!!!!




  1. Jeff it has been a fantastic journey with your attractive pictures. Hope to see you on your favourite place near the pool in jan 2018.
    Yes Madeira has been our favourite timeshare island the last 30 years.
    Pieter & Gunvor V. Bergen Norway

  2. I can add my thanks and gratitude for all your reporting during the past 7 months. It has been nothing short of amazing following you as usual an I am most appreciative of seeing the sights of many places I may never experience first hand, so thank you for that as well! Really sad this is ending soon, but looking forward to what you have planned for the remainder of the year and next world voyage, love seeing your itinerary when you post them next!

  3. Hi Jeff....
    Once again, many thanks for your photo posting diligence these past seven months. What started off, thinking you'd post fewer photos and less often, resulted in near daily extensive photos & narrative. Like all of your fans, we appreciate your commitment.
    So, must ask.... are you planning a repeat this fall? Or, maybe something new.?
    Hope your fall injury, scrapes and bruises has improved.
    Do take care, have a diet Coke, and thank you again, Jeff. Oil up your D7100 for next time.

    1. I plan on 11 weeks this fall sailing in the Caribbean on the Koningsdam followed a day later by the World Voyage.....

    2. Yes! Music to my ears! Awesome!

  4. the Koningsdam..... a different ship!?!
    You might be lost, just like the rest of us, just aboard, wandering around a new ship layout, until you get your head 'screwed on' as they say.... unless this one's a carbon-copy of the Amsterdam?
    Definitely looking forward to your possible posting.
    PS... do you think the Koningsdam's Capt'n knows you're coming. Stay incognito for as long as you can. Kidding.
    Rest up till then..... you have had a grand voyage!! Thank you again.

  5. Hi Jeff, Welcome home! Sad to see this amazing voyage come to an end. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful adventure with us via your wonderful comments and eye for detail and the beauty found in everyday life.
    How exciting, 11 weeks in the Islands. Will be an adjustment from the intimacy of the m/s Amsterdam to the vastness of the m/s Koningsdam.
    Have a wonderful summer and hopefully we'll be able to follow your adventures again.
    Many thanks.
    BVH-Groton, Ct.

  6. Thank You again for a wonderful picture summery of your travels. I raise a Diet Coke to You!!! Stay healthy as you prepare for your next adventure. Fran...

  7. Wow, what an incredible set of pictures. It certainly is beautiful and I look forward to seeing pictures of the Caribbean from the Koningsdam. You give many of us inspiration to one day travel like this! Thank you!