Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2017 Grand World Voyage, Day 196, At Sea

What a fabulous day!  First of all, had a great birthday starting with a cooking class with my longtime friend, Chef George Geary….  His classes are always so much fun and I even learn a few things, even at my age.  In the evening, we had a wonderful dinner with some added guests at the table, Allan & Sandra and George.  Bill & Jane joined us later for cake.  The cake was fabulous!!!  Couldn’t make up our mind with kind to have so we have a delicious carrot cake and a whipped cream & strawberry cake, yummy!  So, another year has passed, I am 68 but still think and feel as if I were thirty, hope I never grow up!

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  1. Jeff, happy,happy,birthday to you!!! Another year of priceless memories. I have just checked back into the blog after being sick with whatever is going around for 3 weeks. A lot of catching up with you, and what wonderful photos and side trips you are taking us along on. Thank you for the great photos and comments. Loved the balloon ride. I don't want your journey to end..be safe. Beachlady