Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 Grand World Voyage, Day 188, Rhodes, Greece (Part 2 of 2)

Arriving in Rhodes (Rodos) was special for me as it was my first visit to this Greek Island.  Ann, Cathy, Ellie and I met our tour guide Nikos and left for a day tour of Rhodes.  We were able to enter the medieval walled city and see the magnificent Castle of the Grand Master Palace built in the early 1300's by the Knights of Saint John following their expulsion from the Holy Land.  The Rhodes town is divided in two; new town with its modern buildings and shopping areas and hotel-lined beach and the old town which is a maze of cobbled streets complete with moat and castle.  We drove along the Mandraki harbour to see the ancient wonder of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes columns at the entrance to the harbor.  We then went up to Monthe Hill to see the stadium, coliseum and the Acropolis, regrettably it was shrouded in scaffolding. Next we climbed the Filerimos Mountain known as the Mountain of Loneliness to see the Monastery and the Road to Calvary stations of the cross.  We travelled 50K across the island to the east side to St. Paul's Bay, flanked by the Acropolis high above the village of Lindos.  I climbed the mountain to the Acropolis and had a wonderful panoramic view of Lindos, the quaint little picture perfect village that is a magical vision of sugar-cube houses spilling down to a turquoise bay. We meandered the streets of Lindos and did some shopping.  Our driver and guide Nikos took us to the Mimakos Taverna for a wonderful homemade Greek lunch.  It was a glorious day in Rhodes and would love to return to this island.  We are now on our way to spend 5 days in Turkey.  This is part 2 of a 2 part blog.



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