Sunday, January 1, 2017

Panama Canal Cruise, Day 99, Happy New Year

We had a wonderful evening on New Year’s Eve…..  Not only did we celebrate the approach of the New Year, it was also a birthday celebration for our friend Michael Fayne.  What a great night!  This morning, we had the Mariner Society Cocktail reception where people are recognized for their loyalty to the Holland America Line.  All, Sandra & I were called up for a photo with the Captain Fred Eversen & Hotel Director Florin Dragomir….  A wonderful lunch followed.  The rest of the day was spent just being lazy….  The outside decks were closed due to high winds so I just laid back and relaxed for the day.  Happy New Year!!!!!



  1. Happy New Year!
    Thanks for spending the time to take and post all the photos of your cruise mates! Really enjoyable seeing all those happy people celebrating! Seeing the crew, too, is a treat because we recognize all from past cruises.


  2. my compliments to your blog, photos and comments - very interesting indeed. and another compliment: hardly any mention of "upper ten friends"......
    see you in 48 hrs for 111 days....