Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 Grand World Voyage, Day 116, San Diego

It was pretty harsh weather that we faced this morning as we visited San Diego, windy and rainy and very cool…..  Thankfully, the weather improved as the day went on.  To start the day, it is always a pleasure to be greeted by my friend, David Allen who works Shore Ops in San Diego.  He has been a fan of my blog for years so I thought it appropriate that he be featured as the first photo in my blog today….  I went ashore with Ann & Cathy and we headed first to Office Depot to shop for a friend onboard and then it was off to Starbucks to update all the computers and tablets…  Then we ventured out to Horton Plaza where I finally called it a day because of my back…..  Off to the ship I went to spend the day relaxing.  I had lunch with my friend Ellie whom I haven’t seen since 2014, nice to catch up.  The sail away party was nice and we had an excellent time all visiting in the Crow’s Nest later…..  Called it an early night to rest my injured back, hopefully in time I’ll be back to 100%...


  1. Thanks to Sandra for taking a flattering pic of isn't so easy to find my "good side".
    I hope your southerly course has avoided today's storm. At the point where I was standing, 5" inches of rain could be found today. The entire sidewalk at the pier was inundated.
    The "Star Princess" and "Seven Seas Explorer" have taken refuge here for the night.

  2. Aart looks happier now that Ellen is on-board. Hope your back is better soon. Thank you for sharing your travels.