Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Grand World Voyage, Day 102, Ft. Lauderdale

So, the time has finally arrived for the 2017 Grand World Voyage…..  The morning began with a welcome aboard by Captain Jonathan  Mercer, Director of the Mariner Society, Gerald Bernhoft and Hotel Director Henk Mensink. The ship was filled with excitement all day as old friends became reacquainted and people gathered to discuss travel plans as we circumnavigate the globe.  I have a pretty large number of friends onboard so it is an exciting time for me.  This is my 11th consecutive Grand World Voyage and I have some pretty exciting adventures planned with my friends, stay tuned, it is going to be one exciting voyage with lots of wondrous sights to see along the way.  To kick off this Grand World Voyage we had a great Bon Voyage Sailaway party on deck 8, midship.  It was a fun filled evening and quite the reunion of old friends with a great opportunity to make new ones…..  Off we go…….



  1. Bon Voyage! Have a safe, healthy and fun trip and thank you again for all the updates, they are wonderful!


  2. Jeff---Thank You so much for all these great pix!! I can't believe I know at least 3/4 of them--- so jealous of the super time you are all going to have this trip! Much appreciated--- Kathy 'LuvsACruise'

  3. Jeff,

    Thanks for the photos. Great to see that our 2010 table mates Brad and Gloria are traveling with you again. Have a wonderful voyage and we will be following your adventures.

    Bill and Carolyn