Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Deja Vu Circle Hawaii Voyage, Day 83, At Sea

Well, here we go again….  The conditions have deteriorated, once again, as we sail from Hawaii to Ensenada…..  The winds have picked up and the seas are a bit rougher.  Fortunately, I was still able to spend most of the day poolside in the sun but I must admit it’s getting a bit chilly.  Hope the conditions can improve again so we can enjoy each day, outside….  Still loving my grand adventure…..



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  1. Hi Jeff
    I have been on your Deja Vu Cruise Hawaii Voyage 25 times on various ships. Because of the Jones act [I am sure you know about the Jones act], we had to make a stop in Ensenada, MX and then on to either Los Angeles or San Diego. Back in the day you had to port into San Pedro, CA [ LA], San Diego did not have a port for cruise ships.
    So, as they say been there done that, each cruise had it's own story to tell.
    Following you through the islands and the 5 days at sea I felt as though I was back there. Also I had done a few of the cruises on the Statendam, I was really there with you. On one the most adventurous cruises was going through a
    3 day typhoon, oh so much fun.

    Thank you for all the photos and details of the cruises, as in my day I did the QE2 on 2 world cruises, she was a wonderful ship. A friend of mine that will join you for the world, has told me that cruising is very different now days from what I am use to.