Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Panama Canal Cruise, Day 93, Huatulco, Mexico

 Today our port stop in Huatulco was six hours and  very hot and humid…..  I was melting!    Ann, Cathy and I got off the ship just after our 8 am arrival and walked around the marina area, did some shopping and stopped for refreshments and Wifi.  Huatulco is a picturesque subdued resort destination.  After a few hours, I headed back to the ship for some serious bronzing.  Tonight we were invited to the Captains cocktail party with the officers.  It also was very timely so that we could also celebrate our friend Aschille" birthday.  Great day, as you can see….  I have a bit of color…..  Tomorrow we visit Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala…..  Looking for a bit of shopping, WiFi and another major day of responsible bronzing (for Dr. Gross, the world's best dermatoligist 😎)



  1. jeff, i saw heidi and achille on your photos. i do not have their email address so can you please tell them that jutta and werner from germany will be joining the world cruise as of jan4....may be they will also participate. thanks a lot in advance

  2. Just amazing sunrises Jeff !! Beachlady