Sunday, December 4, 2016

Circle Hawaii Voyage, Day 70, Ensenada, Mexico

Today, after five days at sea, it felt wonderful to walk on land in the fresh air.  Ann, Cathy and I walked from the ship to town, a first-time visit to Ensenada for us and the MS Amsterdam.  Ensenada is picturesque coastal city and popular tourist destination.  We strolled the Malecon to Plaza Cirvica to see the largest flag in Mexico.  We meandered the back streets, did some shopping and made our way to the Cathedral Gaudaloupe before returning to the Malecon for delicious Mexican food and Wi-Fi.  We walked back to the ship with a view of the setting sun.  Great afternoon in Baja California.  Tomorrow, we are back in San Diego were we plan on just doing some shopping, Wi-Fi updates and perhaps a little lunch…..  Just a relaxing day before we begin the Circle Hawaii Voyage once again…..  Going to love it!




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