Saturday, December 3, 2016

Circle Hawaii Voyage, Day 69, At Sea

Well, we just finished up five days at sea and every one of them was pretty rough…..  I hope our return trip to the Hawaiian Islands is a bit smother and a lot warmer.  I had to spend the day inside again today, not the best for me but….  A nice day anyway.  Still doing a lot of reading and visiting with the sisters.  Tonight was our final Gala Night and dinner was , as usual, exceptional!  Despite less than optimal weather conditions, the cruise has been a lot of fun with some interesting sights along the way.  We loved our flight over Kauai so much we booked it again for the next voyage….  Never get tired at looking at natural beauty at its finest….  I also included a photo of the ladies from the Front Office who work so hard every day to keep the guests happy…..  lovely ladies!!!!



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  1. Please tell the sisters that their Gala dresses are gorgeous! All three of you look sensational!