Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 9, At Sea

Another fabulous day!!!!  Where will this glorious streak end, hopefully never!  Spent the day poolside, enjoying the sun, some ice cold diet coke and a great book, how much better can it get?  Well, since I am in maximum pamper mode, I made my third consecutive visit to the Greenhouse Spa & Salon for a 90 minute massage…..  Talk about relaxed…  I barely had enough energy to shower and dress in time for the Captain’s VIP Cocktail Party which was great fun…..  Then it was off to dinner where the Culinary, once again, excelled in every facet of the dining experience…..  Can you tell I am having a great time?  As the motto says, “Savor the Journey”, which pretty much covers my experience to date!


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