Monday, October 31, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 36, Avatiu, Rarotonga, Cook Islands (Part 2 of 2)

What a fabulous day….  Love Rarotonga!!!!  This island is so beautiful…  Today I decised to get a lot of exercise and take some nice photos along the way.  I decided to take the Needle and across the island trek.  I may have bitten off more than I bargained for…  It was such a streneous trek and a bit unsettling at times.  The coup de grace was climbing the needle with the assistance of ropes and chains to pull yourself up since there were no handhols in the rock face.  The trek was very scenic, very difficult and I enjoyed it immensly.  I only got two minor injuries along the way, not too bad.  It certainly was a different way to spend the day in beautiful Roratonga…..  This blog is in two parts, this is part 2.  Sorry for the late posting, apparently there was insufficient bandwidth for me to do any internet functions….


  1. Hey, Jeff...
    Is that color on your forearm smeared from the so-called "Lipstick" plant pod? Kinda looks a bit orange for blood.... but maybe not.
    Keep going; you're doing great.

  2. Jeff, you are making me nervous....climbing the Needle? WOW I am impressed. That is not for the lighthearted...good for you. Quite an accomplishment. Proud of you. Beachlady