Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 30, Dravuni Island, Fiji (Part 2 of 2)

Dravuni Island!  What a beautiful place….  Clear turquoise waters, blue skies. Sandy beaches and warm tropical breezes….   Can it get any better than that?  Went ashore early, checked out the village on the way to the trail up the mountain.  The views from up there are spectacular!  Once down from the mountain, decided to tour the island by boat, $10 Fijian got you a tour around the island by boat…  wonderful idea!  Then it was time to relax, swim, drink some diet coke, read and enjoy this magnificent day…..  This blog in in two parts, this is part 2.


  1. Hi Jeff,
    In case you might be wondering what you are "missing" here in the US.......tons of junk mail every day not only election related but also health care promos. Nightly the news is dominated by HRC and DJT. Every few minutes the TV runs a commercial.....some I've see 100 times...and they are so many blatant lies and distortions for propositions upcoming in this election it is amazing.
    I forgot to mention....phone calls and more phone calls about the above issues. Thank goodness for my caller ID.


    1. Thank heaven I'm on the ms Amsterdam.... thanks David

  2. Jeff....
    Looks like you snapped a couple of panoramic photos; maybe a first for your blogs?
    Prefer the regular format. Sounds like no troubles with the ship's internet this trip? What kind of free internet time does HAL give you? Have fun! Impressed with your walking distances. We completed the Camino; quite a social event for 7 weeks.