Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 20, Tabuaeran, Kiribati (Fanning Island) Part 2 of 2

I was excited to make a return visit to Tabuaeran Island, commonly known as Fanning Island because it was so interesting and so primitive…..  The people there are wonderful, lots of beautiful smiles.  Basically, the whole island comes out to participate and make some money, cruise ships don’t come by every day.  Today, I decided to get a lot of exercise while exploring the island and meeting=g as many of the indigenous people as possible….   I basically started walking, stopping at some homesteads here and there and visiting the water whenever possible looking for interesting places, people, animals or anything else that I found to be photo worthy.  I walked along the fairly rustic island road for just over 5 miles before turning around.  The trip was fantastic!  I came across so much natural beauty, so many friendly people and even a critter or two….  There was a distinct dearth of flowers which surprised me a bit.  It was a very hot day and when my adventure was over, a cold diet coke and a nice relaxing swim was just the ticket…..  What a great place to visit, and even better, another amazing day!!!!   Oops, took too many photos so there are two blog postings, the is Part 2….


  1. You are such a skilled photographer and I am astonished at the expressive portraits you were able to get on this island. Another stand-out for me was the Chihuly glass you photographed in Seattle. My friends just saw an exhibition of his work in Toronto. I shared your pictures with them. I wish you continued happiness and good health on this journey.
    Kate Ross

  2. Jeff, you are so right, the people seem wonderful...lots of award winning pictures especially of the children. It is always interesting to see how happy people are with only the bare necessities of life, perhaps that is a lesson to us all. Beachlady