Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 18, At Sea

Oh to have a relaxing day at sea…..  this is the life!  It looked a bit dicey this morning with strong winds, cloudy skies and a bit of rain but, I hung in there and the day turned out just perfect.  God, I’m loving this journey….  Just wish a few of my friends were here to enjoy it with me, you know who you are…  No, not you, the other ones  J.  Anyway, spent the day reading and being a responsible sun worshipper (that’s for my favorite dermatologist, Dr. Gross).  Then I diligently went for my walk… feeling good, just wish the pulled muscle would heal a little faster…..  Perhaps those 15 mile days are holding me back….  This evening, we had a Gala Night and I went to the La Fontaine Dining Room for the first time this voyage and it was perfect!  Rene Felton hosted a table for me and Philip Stolte and his staff were just perfection….  What a wonderful day!



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