Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 16, Hilo, Hawaii

It was a pretty random day today for me in Hilo….  I have visited here many times and have seen all the major sights multiple times so….  I decided to start walking and see where my feet would take me.  Before you knew it, I had decided to walk to Rainbow Falls, a very nice walk for excersize plus a beautiful waterfall.  I saw many sights along the way including many beautiful flowers and the cutest lizard I have come across in a while.  I liked him so much, I looked for him 15 miles later as I came back to the ship and actually found him (or her).  For me it was just a perfect day, filled with sunshine and nature’s best….  When I got back to the ship it was time for the pool….  What a day!



  1. Jeff: Enjoying your pictures! The little lizard was very cute. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Hi Jeff, Glad you are having a wonderful time and fabulous weather.
    As usual great photography, enjoyed the birds and critters and the flowers. I hope you brought extra walking shoes-sounds like you may wear this pair out! Enjoy and thanks for continuing the blog.
    BVH-Groton, Ct