Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 14, Lahaina, Maui

Just another wonderful day…..  I was on deck 6 forward as we sailed into the anchorage in Lahaina and I must admit I felt we had no chance of conducting tendering operations.  The winds were just howling!  As a matter of fact, I contributed a hat to the high seas once again.  But as]ll was well as we approached the anchorage and off I went.  I had not real plan today, having been here on a number of occasions.  I decided to just see where my feet took me and 15 miles later, I had covered the waterfront and town pretty well.  It was just a spectacular day and the sail away was also magnificent….  Loving each day of my journey!  Tomorrow, I plan on driving up Wiamea Canyon on Kauai, good stuff!!!!


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  1. Just checking in to say what wonderful pictures as usual! Glad you are having an amazing trip so far!! Hoping it continues for the rest and thank you again for the amazing blog!