Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 10, At Sea

Where had the time gone?  Ten days, seems like I just got here…..  Only 202 days left!  It was another picture perfect day….  Just can’t beat this weather.  Had to hit the pool several times, it was a bit hot.  Got in some walking again today, my leg injury seems to be getter better, that’s a great thing.  This evening I had dinner, as usual with Shiv & Rene and we had a wonderful dinner.  The clock goes back once again this evening, we are not on Hawaii time…..  Tough to keep your sleeping patterns together.  Anyway, hoping for another spectacular day tomorrow before we arrive in the place of my dear sister’s birth, Honolulu, Hawaii….  Looking forward to it, never know, may get in some beach time!  I must visit a UPS store while I am there, seems my new camera lens doesn’t quite work properly….  That’s another story….



  1. great pics...super great weather.. I did notice though the lens taking on a life of its own in yesterday's post/pics.. what lens is it.. I know you use Nikon.. just curious..

  2. Jeff, do you still have the "tanman" chair? Beachlady