Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 3, At Sea

What a magnificent day!!!!!  Sometimes when you least expect it, a spectacular day will appear.  My expectations was for a cloudy, cold & windy day…..  What I didn’t expect was a hot, sunny day at the midship pool.  It felt so nice to sit in the sun, relax and read…..  I went for a walk later in the afternoon, primarily to work out some issues left over from my fall yesterday.  Feels like I made have slightly pulled a muscle or two….  This evening I had a wonderful meal with Shiv & Rene, such great friends…..  All things considered, things are going very well on this voyage, a few kinks to work out but overall it’s great!


  1. So sorry to learn of your fall, hope you're back in tip top shape quickly. Happy the sun has found you and gotten you off on a great cruise. Enjoy!
    BVH-Groton, Ct

  2. Hi, Jeff!

    Before I retired I worked with your sister, Lisa, and she turned me on to your blog. I have been following you for the last 2 voyages and decided that I should finally thank you for sharing your travel experiences with us. In fact, you inspired me to do my own travel blog, though not nearly as long as yours, but it covered 20 days across the country and return in my Honda S2000. I found that it is an excellent way to document your journey and keep the memories fresh. I also now know how much work it is to update the blog, which makes me appreciate yours even more! You can see mine here:
    Hope to do more similar trips in the future, as well.

    Thanks again, and have a continued safe trip!

  3. Thank you so much for doing this again Jeff. Sorry to hear about your fall! Did you fall in Vancouver somewhere? You had a marvelous day there!