Monday, September 26, 2016

Tales of the South Pacific, Day 1 Seattle, Washington

What a great day!!!!  I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time….  It’s time to start another Holland America adventure!  I had a wonderful summer visiting family and friends.  I loved my trip to Gananoque, Ontario, gateway to the Thousand Islands, visiting the Scott sisters.  I also loved the time I spent in Delaware with my family and friends but now…..  it’s time to explore the world, once again.  I boarded the ship nice and early, having been met by Gerald Bernhoft, Director of the Mariner Society.  The rest of the day was far less exciting, mostly spent unpacking….  I did get out and about, saying hello to all my crew member friends and several of the guests I knew from prior voyages.  Once Lifeboat drill was done and sail away was complete, it was back to unpacking….  Once that is complete, I am settled in for an amazing adventure for the next 7 months…  It’s great to be home….


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  1. Jeff, hope your camera was o.k. after falling into the lake !!! Beachlady