Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 3, Captain's Welcome Reception

It was a beautiful day today....  The sun was shining with a nice breeze, nice day to sit poolside and read.  I still am amazed on how many newcomers to the world voyage there are on this voyage.  It is such a different experience.....  normally, there may be 15-20 people on the aft pool deck and now there must be 70-80, just amazing.  The mid ship pool area is packed as well.  I believe the average age has fallen quite a bit as well.  This evening we had a wonderful Captain’s Welcome Reception in the Queen’s Lounge followed by a magnificent dinner.  Great evening.  In case you are wondering, the internet is still a crap shoot.....




  1. It might be in part because of your blogs making it sound and look so great. Thank you for doing it again.

  2. Thank you, Jeff, for the photos! Love to see all these happy people and you do a great job of bringing out the best in everyone!


  3. my guess. NO Visas required beforehand like China & India.. all gotten on the ship.. just a guess

  4. I will be doing a couple great Overland adventures so I need India & Myanmar

    1. glad you're still doing your Blog.. enjoying it especially all the pics as always

  5. Jean and Klaus wish you a Happy New Year, Jeff, and hope that this 10th WC will be your best yet! We're booked for 2017, so will perhaps see you then. Cheers.

  6. Great photos and some familiar faces. Looks like you have your usual table. We are wondering who you have as waiters and do you know what happened to George?