Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 1 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Well, it’s that time of the year again....  Time for a Grand World Voyage!  It is hard to believe I am embarking on my 10th consecutive World Voyage when in 2007, I was embarking on my “Once in a lifetime” World Voyage.  It was a very sad day, saying goodbye to some very special friends, Brad, Leslie, Ann, Cathy, Aart & Ellen.....  It was wonderful having them onboard, we laughed a lot!!!!  The first day was a bit busy, I went out during the day with Ann & Cathy to do a bunch of shopping for several people.  Then it was time to head back to the ship and see who was joining me on this Grand adventure.....  This year, I believe there are more “first timers” than ever before.  I knew several people but nowhere near the number I normally run into.  The day went well and that evening we had a grand party on deck 8 mid ship.  Henk Mensink and his entire team did a magnificent job!  The place was packed....  there was a lot of celebrating, drinking, dancing and talking about our upcoming voyage.  It was one hell of a sendoff...  The only negative so far, of course, the internet.  It was down for the first night and most of the second day.  It really took away from the spectacular start of this voyage.  I don’t know what it will take to get Holland America Line management engaged in fixing this blight on their otherwise exceptional performance.  It has just gotten way out of hand in terms of poor performance.  Somehow I believe there is a huge disconnect between what the users think about the internet performance and what management thinks.....  Come sail with us and see.  P.S.  If this gets posted, it was after several failed attempts.  Do I sound frustrated?  Perhaps....




  1. What a beautiful rainbow. I know it is frustrating for you with the terrible Internet performance but your postings are much appreciated by those of us who have been following your travels for years. Have a safe and wonderful voyage - wow 10 of them.

  2. Speaking of ship based internet... I occasionally listen to a podcast by Leo Laporte. He's been covering tech since the 80's.

    Anyway he went on a RCI cruise over Christmas.

    He raved about their VOOM internet service. Both speed and reliability.

    So it appears at least one cruise line has if figured out.

  3. Great photo of Raymondo and the rainbow. We were sad to leave the ship, wishing we could stay on....Hoping that the internet improves so we can follow your journey. Stay healthy and safe, look forward to seeing everyone in 50+ days......

  4. Brad left the ship! Oh, no! Who's doing the arts and crafts?!

  5. Jeff.... I thought a couple years ago when the Amsterdam internet was all screwed up, they got the problem(s) resolved. Apparently not. Back then, you were at wits end.... questioning whether you'd return aboard because of the poor internet.
    Suggest you get fellow passengers to sign a petition and demand 2 free internet days for every day the system is down or 10% slow.
    Just a thought.
    Have fun. Love your photos as always. Great 10th WC voyage for you.

  6. Jeff
    I am happy to virtually travel the globe with you again this year. Looking forward to sharing your adventures. Here's hoping the internet improves.

  7. Wow! 10 consecutive years! That's pretty fantastic. I will be doing my first next year, 2017.

  8. we have not done a world cruise since 2002 but love reading your comments. Nice to hear the average age is getting younger but by the time we get to do one again we will no doubt raise the average back up. lol