Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 64 Apia, Samoa (Part 1 of 3)

It was a pretty ugly sail into Apia this morning…..  We had high winds and wet weather.  It didn’t look good for the island tour I had planned but luck was on our side and the weather held up just fine.  We did have a wonderful reception with a fabulous show by Samoan dancers.  Once we were cleared we hooked up with a wonderful taxi driver, “Junior”, shown in his blue shirt and khaki shorts….  If you are coming to Apia, I would recommend him, 766-4479, Apia, Matautu, Tai.  Anyway, the plan was to do an eastern loop on the island and returning on the Cross Island Road hitting all the best waterfalls and scenic views.  Our first stop was at Falefa Falls where I took a fall but… not serious injuries…  Next we went to La Mafa Pass viewpoint, very nice!  Then it was on to Fuipisa Falls, a really gorgeous waterfall and scenic surrounds.  Next up, Sopo’aga Falls, again truly impressive.  Then Junior inserted some other impressive sights like the Togitogiga Waterfall, lovely place and the best for swimming.  This is where we had a group photo taken.  Then, before we went up the Cross Island Road we went to the Sinalei resort…  really beautiful place.  I wouldn’t mind spending a week or two there….  Beautiful!  Then we visited a very unusual place, the Lupesina Treesort, a place where rooms are built up in trees, tree houses, can you imagine staying there…  very cool!  Next we went up the Cross Island Road and stopped at the granddaddy of all the waterfalls, the Papapapai-tai Water Falls, a 100 meters or more.  Absolutely stunning!  We continued our way back to Apia stopping at a church with a great view of our ship from the hills.  Then we went by the Robert Louis Stevenson house at Vailima.  Our final stop was the markets in Apia, great to get some photos of the people after seeing sun a beautiful, lush, magnificent island.  What a great day!!!!  I have prepared this blog in three parts, here is the first!



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