Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 59 Kuto, Ile des Pins

What a magnificent day for a visit to one of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific, Ile des Pins…..  The sail in was lovely and I was off and running on the first tender.  My friends & I decided to walk around and take photos before heading to the beach to swim & snorkel.  First we headed to Baie de Kanumera, perhaps the prettiest spot on the island.  From there we headed back to the tender pier to catch the local dancers who weren’t quite ready when we arrived.  Then we decided to walk to the old prison from the penal colony days….  It was a nice walk with lots of beautiful scenery along the way.  It was especially nice to walk along the Baie de Kuto as we made our way to the prison.  It became apparent, quite quickly, that someone had torched the grounds since I was last here in February on the Grand World Voyage…..  The 5 foot high weeds were gone…..  I think I liked it just a wee bit better when it was so overgrown.  Anyway, after our visit we headed back to Kuto and went to the Baie de Kanumera for some beach time.  It was just a spectacular day!!!!


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