Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 58 Noumea, New Caledonia (Part 1 of 2)

Fabulous day today!  It was a pretty simple day but full of wonderful experiences….  We headed out first thing this morning to the markets.  It was great seeing the people going about their morning shopping.  Next we walked through town, snapping photos along the way to Place De Cocotiers.  We watched the people for a while and then headed to the Parc Forestier, a botanical garden containing both flora and fauna.  It was a long walk and just before we got there, we were picked up by a wonderful gentleman, Oerest, who took us to the hill above the parc where the telecommunication tower is located with the best 360 degree views around.  Then we went to the parc and enjoyed it immensely.  I have never seen so many peacocks in  my life.  We spent a long time there and then walked back to town, visiting the Cathedral and ultimately returning to the ship after walking 15 miles…...  Once back, we went to the Barbeque on the Lido beck and had a wonderful evening with friends.  What a magnificent day!

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  1. Hi, Jeff....
    You are indeed a 'walker'. Have you ever considered the 487 mile St. James pilgrimage walk from St. Jean, France to Santiago, Spain. Most folk compete the distance in approximately 35 day. A couple hundred thousand individuals do the camino annually. For fun, you might look at a couple of the many YouTube videos on the camino. "It is solved by walking". Of course, accommodations and food is nothing like the Amsterdam. Thoughts?