Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Grand Pacific & Far East Voyage Day 2 At Sea

Well it sure feels good to be home again on the Amsterdam….  Despite some pretty chilly and wet weather, the day was a pretty nice one. I spent several hours sitting in the Lido with Allan & Sandra and visiting with a number of friends as they passed by….  I continue to see new friends and that will still happen for the next couple of days, I’m sure of that.  So far the voyage is going extremely well, the service, food and activities have been wonderful.  For dinner, I have a fabulous group of people dining with me for dinner, Brad, Gloria, Ellie, Jan, Gerard, Harry & Margo.   The evening is filled with lively conversation and a lot of laughter.  What a great start for our Grand Pacific & Far East Voyage.  Tomorrow will be pretty laid back I’m sure….   We won’t have the kind of weather I like for at least another week or two.  I’ll spend the day visiting with friends and reading…..  That will make for a fabulous day!



  1. Hi, Jeff....
    Good to hear that you're settling back in with old friends. As you pass through the rain squalls enroute to 'big-bear' Kodiak Island, though I'd ask your Nikon camera body preference. For you, how long does a camera last? Your sunny Seattle photos were nice. Pikes Place Market is always a bustle of fun. Glad you're back aboard. Enjoy!

    1. I'm not sure I have ever worn a camera out because I keep buying new ones. My current camera (primary) is a Nikon D7100 with an 18-300mm lens

  2. your pictures are the best Jeff. Everyday I log into facebook just to read your blog if not there then I go on your blog site. I so enjoy all of your postings I am seeing the world through you. There are no words to express my gratitude......I live through you..... hugs.