Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 148 Sydney, Australia

Today was a very special day….  We spent the day with our friends Con & Sue Mavridis.  Con picked us up at the ship in the morning and we began touring the beaches of Sydney, from Manly Beach going north.  The scenery was just magnificent!  At Avalon, Sue met us and went shopping with Corrine while Con & I continued touring.  We then went to their home for a wonderful lunch, fantastic!!!  Then we went down and checked out Palm Beach before heading back to Sydney,  The sail away from Sydney, as usual, was wonderful.  This place is so beautiful and the people are amazing.  Always a great time visiting Sydney…..



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  1. Hi Jeff,

    It looks as though you visited Balmoral beach as I could see the Band Rotunda and a couple of other landmarks. Love it around there, our daughter lived in Mosman for many years before she moved back here. I do miss visiting Sydney.