Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 141 Napier, New Zealand

We could not have had a better day today…..  The weather was just perfect.  Today was spend exploring the lovely city of Napier, known for their Art Deco style.  In 1931, the city was destroyed by an earthquake and the rebuilding was done in the popular style back then, Art Deco.  They also go all out in showing off their Art Deco by having vintage cars and people dressed in period clothing.  They also had a special event today, a band competition with more bagpipes than I have ever seen in one place….  The gardens here were some of the best that I have seen....  beautiful flowers!  The day was just fantastic!  Tomorrow we spend the day in Wellington, New Zealand


  1. Amazing clarity,makes me actually want to invest in a really decent camera--though realise will never have your photographic skills,but sad that I have not one pic from my two visits to Napier

    Incidentaly,CC WC 2014 roll calls has an entry saying that DUE to the "exquisite " photos of the S Pacific/Easter Island on your blog
    now cosidering booking! !

    Just hope HAL appreciate your valuable contribution to their business

  2. Beautiful flowers and classic cars - what a treat. EL