Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 137 Auckland, New Zealand

We had a fairly nice day at sea but had to contend with some very high winds.  We arrived into Auckland around 6:00 this evening and were able to get off as soon as we were cleared.  Most things were closed but the Sky Tower was open so up we went….  Nice view of the city.  It was really nice to get here a day early.  Tomorrow I will play it by ear or otherwise just “wing it”.  No special plans, I’ll just go wherever my feet take me……




  1. I was wondering how you got those pictures of the city from up so high. Your post gave me the answer. Thanks for taking the time to post these pictures.

  2. Curious as to what caused that mysterious lighting effect on the building named "Civic". Looks like there was an IMax theater next door. Also loved the photo of the low clouds toward the bottom.